Fake Oakleys: love to find fault research and development of thousands of glasses sitting on the patent

Oakley’s brand philosophy is “constantly discovering problems and finding solutions in an artistic way.” In other words, the “parute” paranoid characteristics of the achievements of Jim Janeard and his Oakley

Remember the “Mission Impossible 4” where Tom Cruise climbed the world’s first tower – Dubai Halifa’s scene? It is sure that you must be on the “Tom Cruise” drama full of energy equipment, especially the silver border, at 800 meters altitude still maintain a strong function of windproof glasses – does not matter, in 2014 you may be in the domestic electricity Business platform to buy it.
This pair of Fake oakleys sunglasses┬ácomes from Oakley. The 40-year-old American sports brand has been in the Chinese market since 2008, but because of its large number of products in professional sports channels (such as golf channels) and outdoor specialty stores, ordinary consumers rarely see in the market It has been in a few years has been in the “tepid” state.
The direct consequence of this is that in the United States, “the streets of 20 pedestrians have a wear Oakley” the scene to China no longer exist.
But FOakley clearly has its own development logic: China’s general manager Huang Hongda in an interview with “First Financial Daily” interview, said the previous three or four years of development stage, Oakley has been to understand China’s consumer and channel characteristics of the process. This seems to be a bit maverick in the “fast for the United States” today. The new stage, Oakley’s goal is to understand the characteristics of consumption, “the data collection is our current more interested in the part,” Huang Hongda said.
“Discover the problem” philosophy
In this year’s ISPO outdoor exhibition site, FOakleys For sale ┬áPavilion staff over and over again demonstrated the same experiment: weighing 500g steel cone from half a meter high fall, heavy hit on a plastic mold face, after the end only Oakley glasses protection Part of the intact, the lens itself is only a little crack, not broken open.
Behind this is Oakley has more than 1,000 patents related to glasses technology, “R & D on the speed and focus is Oakley’s greatest competitiveness.”
It is hard to imagine that such a focus on the field of glasses brand, the first turned out to be the production of off-road motorcycle handle set. Its founder Jim Jardard (Jim Jannard) from the beginning to reveal the hand for the material and design paranoia, and this feature has also been his continuation to the sunglasses R & D and production.
Oakley’s brand philosophy is “constantly discovering problems and finding solutions in an artistic way.” In other words, the “paranoid” paranoid character of the achievements of Jim Jane and his Oakley.
To Fake oakleys glasses design, for example, by the motorcycle handle to the glasses manufacturer of Oakley just by virtue of the goggles business opened for a day, Jim Janeard and because “need a better glasses to drive to Los Angeles” and “Toss” with the design of a large lens goggles-style sunglasses. This is not optimistic about the manufacturer of sports sunglasses with powerful features unexpectedly get a good market response, in the promotion of professional sports glasses market is also the birth of the “discovery problem” into the Oakley gene.
Came to the Chinese market, Oakley, as always, uphold the tradition. Huang Hongda, for example, the Asian face and head type and Europe and the United States is very different, there are significant differences in color preferences, and often because of the participation rate is not high emphasis on life style sunglasses more than sport style, Oakley original products and Not all apply to Chinese consumers.
“If Oakley’s products can not meet the characteristics of the Chinese people, then our product advantage is completely not established,” Huang Hongda said, “so Oakley has been constantly developing suitable for people wearing glasses, product positioning is also done Big adjustment. ”
From the electricity business cut into the Chinese marketing
Oakley aspects of the introduction, the current number of outlets in the country only seven. As located in the high-end consumer groups, so Oakley’s online shop is still set up in the north and other first-tier cities, such as intensive shop costs can be imagined.
Taking into account, FOakleys raised the number of existing stores this year, only 20% increase in the target. But in contrast, in the size of the second largest in the world, the amount of trade in 2020 or will reach 30 trillion yuan in the Chinese market, the company will be in 2014 will be the focus of online sales channels.

Huang Hongda revealed that the current Oakley has been with the days of cat, Jingdong, only goods, Dangdang, for the bike enthusiasts of the vertical electricity business to buy a number of platforms such as the United States to buy, this year will be launched on these platforms Oakley for Asian consumers Customized goods.
But for cheap oakley oil rig sunglasses, the greater role of online channels may be the collection of consumer data, and its scope even includes a large number of second-tier cities that are temporarily unable to radiate.
As Huang Hongda said, in contact with different business platform at the same time is trying to different audiences, consumers understand the different channels of electricity to buy products will encounter what problems.
Even so, Huang Hongda for online channels still have their own concerns: “Fake Oakleys traditional shops from the product introduction, purchase, sale and other links have a good service experience, and now need to strengthen the study is how to show this on the electricity business platform Advantage, otherwise it is likely to be the same as most of the electricity business brand as a price war.